Data API Enhancements and Polygon Integration

Data API Enhancements

We extended the set of API methods in our Data API, providing enhanced capabilities to retrieve information about validators and delegators.

New Features

  • Validator Name: Easily identify validators with their names, simplifying your search and comparison processes.
  • Validator State: Obtain real-time status of validators, helping you monitor their operational state and performance.
  • Validator Delegators Count: Discover the number of delegators behind each validator, offering insights into their popularity and trustworthiness.
  • Delegator Stake: Access detailed information on the stake amount by each delegator, facilitating a deeper understanding of stake distribution.
  • Delegator Rewards: Retrieve up-to-date information on earned rewards, enabling delegators to track their returns effectively.
  • Delegator APY (Annual Percentage Yield): Gauge the annualized return rate, considering the effect of compounding, to evaluate investment growth over time.
  • Delegator APR (Annual Percentage Rate): Understand the annualized interest rate without the effect of compounding, providing a clear view of expected earnings.
  • Delegator Total Rewards: Get a comprehensive overview of all rewards accumulated by a delegator, aiding in performance assessment and future strategy planning.

Polygon Integration

We are pleased to announce the addition of Polygon, a new network integration, to our Staking API. This enhancement enables users to seamlessly stake and unstake MATIC in an automated manner using our API.

To guide you through these operations, we have prepared a comprehensive guide available in our documentation portal:

Explore the possibilities with our newly integrated Polygon network and make the most of your staking experience!