New Method: Retrieve All Validators Count and Status

We have introduced a new method in the Data API that allows clients to retrieve a comprehensive list of created validators via Staking API based on their status. This enhancement addresses the limitations of the previous solution, where it was impossible to filter and retrieve specific validators by their status.

The new method endpoint will be available at:

This endpoint returns the total count of validators created via Staking API and their status. The available statuses for validators are:

pending_initialized — validator is initialized but not yet in the queue for activation.
pending_queued — validator entered a queue for activation.
active_ongoing — validator was activated and currently participates in attesting and proposing blocks.
active_slashed — validator was slashed due to misbehaviors.
exited_unslashed — validator has exited the network without being slashed and is no longer acting as a validator.
exited_slashed — validator has exited the network after being slashed and is no longer acting as a validator.
withdrawal_possible — validator has a non-zero balance.
withdrawal_done — validator completed the withdrawal process.

With this update, clients can now efficiently view their total requested validators based on their status, enhancing the usability and functionality of our staking API.