New Method, Holesky Testnet, and Enhanced Efficiency

Our latest software update introduces key API enhancements, new batching mechanisms for validators, and Holesky testnet support, all aimed at improving operations and expanding capabilities. Explore how these changes can elevate your platform experience.

New Features

  • Prepare exitValidator Transaction: You can now initiate an exit for validators registered on SSV using the DVT API. This addition simplifies the process by providing an unsigned transaction to sign and broadcast, further facilitating the validator withdrawal process.
  • Holesky: The DVT API now supports the Holesky network as the primary testnet environment, allowing clients to seamlessly request validator deposit data and register them on SSV. Use the endpoint to start requesting validator deposit data from the Holesky network and register them on SSV.


  • Add Register Validator Batching Mechanism: Previously, users had to request a validator key and register it on SSV one by one, a limitation due to our inability to predict the cluster state after the first SSV registration. Now, you can request multiple validators at once and register them on in batch, saving gas fees and time.
  • Add Exit and Remove Validator Batching Mechanism: Similarly, users previously had to exit a validator and remove it from SSV individually due to SSV smart contract limitations. Now, you can exit and remove multiple validators simultaneously, saving gas fees and time.