DVT Staking API provides seamless integration for initiating DVT staking requests using the SSV protocol. By integrating with our API, your platform can bypass the complexity of manual forms and instantly connect your customers to a world-class staking service.

Key Benefits

  • Premium Validator Network: Access our premier P2P validator network bolstered by three of the industry's finest institutional operators. Their exemplary performance and stringent security standards are your assurance of a resilient and secure staking operation.
  • Risk Mitigation: Our strategically designed cluster minimizes risks by distributing validators across diverse locations and client software, ensuring your operations are safeguarded against single points of failure and regionalized threats.
  • Operational Efficiency: Embrace the ease of automated integration with our API, designed to align with the SSV protocol, reducing your operational overhead and simplifying the staking process for your clients.

By seamlessly integrating DVT Staking API into your systems, you can enhance your offering and simplify the staking process for your customers.

We provide two distinct endpoints for testing and production environments. The test environment is linked to the Goerli network (Ethereum).

What's Next?