Sign and Broadcast Transaction

To sign and broadcast a transaction to the Cosmos network, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare unsigned transactions in Base64 encrypted format.

  2. Sign the transaction using your preferred Cosmos signing method.

  3. Broadcast the signed transaction to the Cosmos network by making a POST request to /api/v1/cosmos/{network}/transaction/send.

    Example request (for cosmoshub-4 network):

    curl --request POST \
         --url \
         --header 'accept: application/json' \
         --header 'authorization: Bearer <token>' \
         --header 'content-type: application/json' \
         --data '
         "signedTransaction": "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"
    • signedTransaction — signed transaction in Base64 encrypted format which needs to be broadcast to the network.

    Example response:

        "error": null,
        "result": {
            "status": "success",
            "blockId": 18575267,
            "fee": 0.005952,
            "gas": {
                "used": 202947,
                "wanted": 238047
            "transactionHash": "ADD7B2791E1959075D1836D4BCC71ED256CCD724459F9BD8862D85E205075D47"
    • status — transaction status: success, failed.
    • blockId — unique identifier of the block in which the transaction has been included.
    • fee — total fee in ATOM charged for processing the transaction.
    • gas — computational effort required to execute the transaction, measured in gas units.
      • used — amount of gas spent for the transaction.
      • wanted — maximum gas limit that the transaction initiator was willing to consume for the transaction.
    • transactionHash — hash of the transaction.

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